Business Advisory

Strategy Development

MAP supports health care practice owners in developing the strategic direction of their operation for the next 5+ years and ensures the business is meeting the important milestones along the way.

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Accounting & Finance

We can help you better manage your cash flow needs and assist you in obtaining low-cost financing for your capital projects.

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Risk & Compliance

Being in a highly regulated environment, our professionals have experience working with every major regulatory body to ensure your licensing is up-to-date and your clinical operations is meeting the strict requirements from the Ministry.

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Clinical Operations

The dedicated Practice Manager will look at your operational flow and find ways to better enhance the patient experience, while maximizing the capabilities of your team and the technology you possess.

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Marketing Strategy

To meet your business growth goals, our MAP leaders will formulate a marketing strategy that will help you achieve the desired productivity levels.

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Partner Relationship Management

Our senior leaders will work to manage the partnerships you have within your practice as well as any external parties.

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Digital Integration

Everything from digital charting to automating administrative tasks will help reduce the need for additional labour while putting your human capital to work on more value-added strategic work.

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“The MAP team has not only helped my practice flourish and provide consistent care to all my patients, but they’ve also taken off a lot of stress that came along with running my business. They truly treat my business as if it were their own.”

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