Rainy GillisTeam Lead, Clinical

Rainy Gillis Full Body MAP
Areas of Expertise:
  • Managing Day to Day Clinical Duties
  • Staff Management
  • Procedure/Protocol/ Office Compliance Manuals

With over 7 years of clinical experience as a Registered Dental Hygienist, Rainy has built a strong foundation in delivering high-quality oral healthcare. As a self-Initiated Registered Dental Hygienist, her customer-centric service approach places the patient’s needs and comfort at the forefront. Beyond clinical practice, Rainy is passionate about providing coaching, training, and mentoring to help dental professionals and practices thrive. Her commitment lies in advancing dental care practices and patient education, empowering clients to grow their practices and elevate the level of care they provide.

Rainy is an avid food enthusiast with a taste for global culinary experiences, savoring every flavor and tale. Her heart finds joy in the company of friends and family, creating cherished memories through shared laughter and connection and passion for fashion and design. Guided by a holistic philosophy, she thrives outdoors, conquering trails and nurturing her mind, body, and soul with wellness practices.

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